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To anyone that reads this

Discussion in 'Free Wires' started by RockenChich, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. RockenChich

    RockenChich SkaterChan TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    This place used to be my favorite part of the day. to jump online, and talk with others, it was wonderful. Really felt like a community, of artists, and gamers, and people who wanted to be part of something bigger than them. Personally, I loved making free rider 2 tracks, but my art skills were nowhere close to everyone elses, but I dedicated hours of time into making freewire tracks. I felt like it was something I could be good at, since it was new at the time. When I won the contest and was named "pro", I was so happy. on one hand, I couldn't share this info with anyone I knew in real life, because they didn't care, but on the other, I had a value that people here cared about, and nobody else knew about it.

    This forum was a special place to grow up, thanks goose.
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  2. goose

    goose hmm... Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Aww, man! That means so much to hear. You guys all made this community great. It was full of positive people all trying to get better at the game, collabing with one another, and just joking around. Many communities devolve into toxic posts and attacking each other., but yall managed to keep it kind and clean.
    I hope that someday I can find time to make another game that will bring life back to this place.

    If you have discord you should join the trackmill channel

    Thanks for posting this, It truly made my day.
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  3. iTz ChuckNorris

    iTz ChuckNorris Master of all TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    this place was the only place i could be happy in middle school.
  4. iTz ChuckNorris

    iTz ChuckNorris Master of all TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    well, this and world of warcraft XD

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