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My Scores Are Gone!

Discussion in 'Steel Superstructure' started by Cornelias, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Cornelias

    Cornelias gone. sorry. Mechanic

    I used to have 300+ scores!
    Now I only have 15!

    This also happened to spartankid and ar22!

    What happened goose? D:
  2. Muzik Bike :D

    Muzik Bike :D Coloraze World Champion(nobody cares) Engineer

    Favorite Game:
    I became happier.

    No actually. I think since goose is fiddling with code for the universal score system, something went haywire and your scores have been deleted for existence. But hey, you could get more
  3. goose

    goose hmm... Administrator Staff Member Admin

    hang on. let me see what's up... I did change a few things

    ok, everything should be good again

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